Guidelines for Blog Posts 4-6

Guidelines for Blog Post #’s 4-6.

Due date:  Thursday, October 13, 11:59pm

Length: 750 words or more

Value: This post will count as the equivalent of THREE POSTS.  Do not write it as three separate posts, but it will count as three (4, 5 and 6).


In this post, I want you to discuss the chapters of 100 Years of Solitude (Loneliness) that we have read so far, the poems by Pablo Neruda that I sent you via email, and the film Il postino[The Postman] (Radford, 1996).

In these three sources, metaphors and symbols are important. In a coherent essay of at least 750 words, provide specific examples from all three of how metaphors/symbols convey meaning.  For instance, in 100 Years, one can interpret the arrival of the gypsies and their introduction of foreign objects (a magnifying glass, navigation equipment, a magnet, ice, etc.) on a number of levels. The plague of insomnia, Amaranta’s covered, burned hand, Aureliano’s little golden fishes, etc. can all be read as representations of other levels of meaning.  Similarly, the images in Neruda poems (“Walking Around”, “Barcarole”, etc) can be interpreted as representing different meanings.  In Il postino, there are numerous discussions about how to invent such metaphors and symbols and how to interpret them. How does this film define “metáfori”—metaphors? Some of Neruda’s important poems are actually recited in the film. You should also read and refer to TWO reviews of The Postman, available here:


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